Thursday, October 1, 2009

My First Post

Well, I have done it. I am officially a blogger. I'm not really sure where to start...

I have posted some photos of things that I will be selling at the 1st Annual SnowFest Arts and Crafts Fair in Simi Valley next month. So far I have packages of Christmas gift tags, decorated treat containers and decorated matchboxes. Most of my things will be $5 and under. I'll be posting more things as I create them.

Have a great night.



  1. It's very addicting, I have been amazed at the great people I have met through my blog. You have some great projects on here! Have fun.

  2. came across a lot of your work on's gorgeous. So I've become a follower to see it all now.....keep it up!

  3. Thanks Colleen. I'm trying to post 5 times a week, it keeps me using my stuff!